Puzzle with LEGO®.

September 12, 2023

Puzzle with LEGO®.


Just a relaxing puzzle, but with LEGO®! You do have to assemble this puzzle first. Cheat3 is known for making very challenging LEGO® boxes. Once you have put the puzzle box together, it is a real brainteaser how to get this box open again. Without taking the LEGO® parts apart again, of course. Let's see how to put this box together in the step by step video:

Fortunately, in the video they also show how to open and reset the puzzle box so you can let someone else try to open the box too. This was a pretty simple and small puzzle box. Now do you want more of a challenge? Then you can watch more tutorials on their YouTube channel and also on their Rebrickable page there are several instructions for more challenging puzzle boxes.

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