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Build Princess Peach's Castle from Super Mario in miniature with LEGO® now!

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Would we be ToyPro if we didn't come up with a new fun MOC for our readers every time? Today we have another one that the Super Mario fans among us will surely like. This time, you can build Princess Peach's castle in miniature, and of course, we've got a free tutorial for that, too!

Peach's castle is the most important building in the Mushroom Kingdom and is therefore also called the Mushroom Castle. This is where Princess Peach and a whole bunch of Toads live in the famous Super Mario world. You can recognize the castle by the large red tower in the middle and the 4 small towers in the corners. Princess Peach is kidnapped from her castle by the supervillain Bowser in several Super Mario games, after which Mario and his friends must rescue her again.


LEGO® Princess Peach's Castle building instructions

The video above shows you step by step how to build this fun Princess Peach's Castle MOC. So click on it and start building your own castle!

We'd like to thank BrickinNick for coming up with and creating the free build tutorial video for this fun Super Mario MOC. Moreover, this isn't the first time we at ToyPro thanked him for one of his nice builds. Previously we wrote about his LEGO® Pickachu MOC and his LEGO® Squirtle and Charmander MOCs. BrickinNick makes a lot more great LEGO® content on his Youtube channel and his website, so be sure to take a look if you're curious to see more!

For everyone who liked this Princess Peach's MOC and would like to build more of Super Mario with LEGO®, we have a whole range of LEGO® Super Mario minifigures at ToyPro. With these, you can expand your collection and re-enact all the adventures of Mario and his friends. On top of that, ToyPro will give you 10% discount on all sets, so go and take a look in our webshop!

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