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Visit the vast savannas with this fun LEGO® MOC!

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At ToyPro we regularly talk about MOCs of superheroes, cars or LEGO® Technic, but something we don't often see is a nature MOC. Today we show you one from designer JK Brickworks! With this LEGO® MOC we take you to the savannas, where you can find all kinds of cool animals. Watch the video below and dive into nature!

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Savannahs are warm areas characterised by large amounts of grass and little tall vegetation such as trees. This is because it is very dry due to the heat, even though there is a lot of precipitation during the wet season. As a result, plants that can withstand heat and drought tend to grow there. These kinds of areas are found mainly in the southern hemisphere of our planet. Africa, Asia, Australia and North and South America all have savannah regions. The savannahs of Africa are the best known. This is where 3 of the 'Big 5 of Africa' live, namely elephants, rhinos and lions. The LEGO® savannah of JK Brickworks is also home to elephants and zebras, just like in the wild.

This nice LEGO® MOC is made by a well known name from the ToyPro articles, namely JK Brickworks! Jason makes a lot of great LEGO® creations and we at ToyPro love to write about them. We wrote about his LEGO® Tambour Box MOC and his galloping LEGO® horse. JK Brickworks has his own website and Youtube channel where he shows even more cool LEGO® buildings. So be sure to take a look!

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