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Are you smart enough to solve this tricky LEGO® Puzzle Box?

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It's time for a new puzzle box! Cheat3 has once again created a new LEGO® puzzle and this time it is an even bigger brain-teaser than you are used to. According to her, this is the most difficult puzzle box she has ever created, so challengers be warned. Think you can follow the steps and solve the puzzle? Then watch the video below, build the puzzle box and have a go!

Build the LEGO® Stellar Puzzle Box

As you just read, this Puzzle Box is the most difficult one Cheat3 has ever made. Not only solving it is a challenge, but also building it takes some time. In the almost 40 minutes long tutorial video, Cheat3 explains step by step how to build this cool puzzle box yourself. The final goal of this puzzle is to go through all the steps to finally get the light in the puzzle box to light up. We are very curious to see whether our readers can solve it!

The name Cheat3 will sound familiar to our regular readers by now. This LEGO® genius is the genius behind the cool LEGO® puzzles we regularly write about. With a lot of skill, creativity and energy she manages to create a new puzzle every time which we are only too happy to show you. We already wrote about her LEGO® Squid Game Puzzle Box, her LEGO® Giftcard Box and her LEGO® Mandalorian BrickHeadz puzzles. On her Youtube channel you can find a lot more cool LEGO® Puzzle Boxes that will keep you busy for a while. So take a look if you are curious!

Are you still looking for some parts to build this cool LEGO® Puzzle Box? Then we can help you with that. Besides a lot of nice LEGO® minifigures, we also sell a lot of LEGO® parts.

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