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Build a LEGO® 75309 Republic Gunship alternate

May 5, 2022



Attention Star Wars fans! We have another super cool LEGO® alternate build for you. It's the LEGO® 75309 Republic Gunship from the Star Wars universe. With this LEGO® set you can build not 1 Star Wars fighter plane, but 2! Watch the video below to find out how.

LEGO® Republic Gunship alternate MOC build

This Republic gunship is also known in the Star Wars world as the Low Altitude Assault Transport. The airship's function is to transport Republic clone soldiers and provide support in combat. They were deployed during the Clone Wars, which raged during Star Wars: Episode II and III. The battleship made its debut in the 2nd film during the Battle of Geonosis, where they helped rescue Senator Padmé and members of the Jedi Order. The ship is over 17 metres long and wide, 7 metres high and can carry 30 passengers. It also features laser cannons and various missiles and explosives.

If you don't own the 75309 Republic Gunship, you can find all the parts from that set on our 75309 parts list. This cool alternate was created by one of our favorite LEGO® designers, hachiroku24! This LEGO® fanatic loves to build fun MOCs and alternates of moments and characters from his favourite films and series. At ToyPro we love to write about this and you will definitely have seen some of his creations if you are familiar with our articles. You could already read about his LEGO® Spiderman: Homecoming scene, his old LEGO® Nascar race car and his crashed LEGO® AT-AT MOC. Hachiroku24 makes a lot of great videos on his Youtube channel and many of them are about LEGO® Star Wars and LEGO® superheroes. Are you as big a fan of this as hachiroku24? Then take a look at the ToyPro webshop! Here you will find a lot of nice LEGO® Star Wars sets and LEGO® superhero sets, but also all your favorite LEGO® Star Wars minifigures and LEGO® superhero minifigures.

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