Build a BR 118 V180 - Diesel Locomotive

May 18, 2022



We have a very nice MOC of a LEGO® locomotive for you. It is a Diesel locomotive, the BR 118 V180 which was used by the Deutschen Reichsbahn. This MOC is made by Mimi68 and shows in the video below how it should be assembled.

This MOC also has power functions so that the locomotive can be controlled remotely on the standard LEGO® tracks. The locomotive also has its characteristic red and white colour. This heavy-duty hydro-dynamic diesel locomotive was built by the Lokomotivbau Karl Marx Babelsberg in the former GDR. The locomotives of class V 180 were from 1970 classified as class 118 at the Deutsche Reichsbahn and later classified as class 228 at the Deutsche Bundesbahn. The locomotives were mainly used for passenger service. Until the introduction of the locomotives of class V 130, the V 180 was mainly used for express train services which were previously done by steam locomotives. The series 118.2 up to 118.8 were universal and could also be used on the sidelines because of their axle load of 15,6 ton. Because there was more and more need for locomotives which could provide heating for coaches, the locomotives of type 118 were used less often. The original plan to modernise the locomotives of series 118 with parts of the series 119 failed. The opposite appeared to be the case, the parts of the 118 were used to get the locomotives of the 119 back in service. At the Deutsche Bundesbahn the locomotives were set aside in 1995. In 2005 some locomotives of this series were put into service at the Mitteldeutschen Eisenbahn Gesellschaft (MEG) on the line Saalfeld/Saale and Bad Lobenstein. The last operational V 180 (the MEG 206) was set aside in April 2015 and handed over to the Eisenbahnmuseum in Wittenberge. Several locomotives of the V 180 can still be seen in German museums.

We would like to thank Mimi68 very much for sharing this beautiful MOC of the BR 118 V180 Diesel locomotive. Also take a look at Mimi68's Youtube channel because there you can find a lot more instructions on how to build LEGO® trains and also some great ideas on how to decorate your tracks. Do you still need rails for your LEGO® track? Then you can also order loose straight rails and curved rails to enlarge or extend your LEGO® track. Also for all other LEGO® train parts you can find at ToyPro.


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