Last Treasure Hunt

November 21, 2022



The very last part of the treasure hunt. So that means this is the last chance to participate in this action. So show that you are a real treasure hunter and start looking for those pictures on our website. If you still want a chance to win the fun LEGO® prizes. And because we are heading towards the holidays, we have selected some great Christmas prizes. Should you win the monthly prize this month, you will receive a 60352 LEGO City LEGO City Advent Calendar 2022 and the 40498 Christmas penguin. So that means you will get two sets sent home should you win the monthly prize. If you won a consolation prize this month then you can expect the skiing Santa polybag (40498) in your letterbox. So for the last time, you can look for the hidden pictures on our website:


Have you found such an image? Click on the found image and fill in the requested details on the Treasure hunt answer page. You now only have until 21 December to find all the pictures. Already found a picture? Send in your result immediately for a chance to win the monthly prize or a nice consolation prize. So every month you have the chance to win great prizes. So search carefully among all the parts, minifigures and sets. Because you never know where the pictures might turn up.

Did you find all 10 pictures? CONGRATULATIONS! You now have a chance to win the grand prize which we will raffle off at the end of the year among all those who have found all 10 hidden pictures. So what are you waiting for? Happy hunting!

The following are the winners from last period:

The LEGO® Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop (76185) goes to:

  • Gillis Forsgren

The consolation prizes, LEGO® Spider-Man Bridge Fight Polybag (30443) Polybags have been won by:

  • Bob Bingus
  • Jonathan Menz
  • Linda van der Schuit
  • Jennifer Bautista
  • Jessica Gerlach
  • Linda Kyllander
  • Nicki Lakity
  • Anna Francke
  • Arsene Nicault
  • Matthias De Buyzer

Congratulations to all! The winners will all receive an email. For the coming period, we have the below prizes that you can win, so be quick to look for the hidden pictures on our website!

Prizes 21 November to 21 December:

The Month Prize is:

The LEGO® City Advent calendar (60352) and the Christmas Penguin (40498)

10 X Consolation Prize:

A LEGO® skiing Father Christmas polybag (30580)

Main Prize:

Praise draw on 21 December among all entrants who found all ten hidden pictures:

2 Day tickets to a LEGOLAND® Park of your choice.

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