Count Dooku VS. General Grievous

February 2, 2023

Count Dooku VS. General Grievous


This time it's about the battle between Count Dooku And General Grievous. This MOC is a fairly simple build but of course nice to display your minifigures of Count Dooku and General Grievous. And of course, you could also place other minifigures. Alternatively, you could take the base of this build and add other accessories yourself. In any case, you can download the instructions to make the base for this epic battle here. Want to know which parts are all needed for this MOC? Then you can see them here and possibly order them right away.


Should you want to make this build or other LEGO® Star Wars builds even more spectacular? Then take a look at our LED lighting. Between these, we have lighting for existing sets, as well as a complete range of loose lighting parts. For example, we have lightsabers in all sorts of colors with a USB connection to them so you can easily connect them to a battery box. This allows you to make your LEGO® build even more spectacular.

This MOC was created by The Armorer and on his Rebrickable site he has more star wars MOCs. So be sure to take a look. If you want to make another Star Wars MOC then read back the article on the JEDI COUNCIL Diorama. Is Star Wars not your thing? Then read back our article on the LEGO Deadpool vs Wolverine MOC.

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If you also want to give this MOC or one of your own creations real lighting, take a look among our loose lighting parts. And put the LEGO® construction in the spotlight. So you can enjoy your LEGO® models during the day and also at night. Would you like to know what is possible with the loose lighting parts? Then read our article back: Light up as you see fit.

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