Build a LEGO® Tesla Model S

May 24, 2023

Build a LEGO® Tesla Model S


Always wanted a Tesla? You can! Well from LEGO® then. The advantage is that you don't have to recharge it. You can drive it around as long as you want, which makes it very durable and economical!

About the moc

The LEGO® Tesla Model S is 6 studs wide making it a nice size in relation to LEGO® minifigures and buildings. The moc contains 120 parts. A few different building techniques were also used. This gave the car a better look. The designer tried to recreate the moc as realistically as possible, but unfortunately this moc contains only 1 seat, while the real Tesla has four. However, this car does have an extra stud behind the seat for a suitable accessory.

Tesla 01

About the Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S has been available since June 22, 2012 and is an electrically rechargeable car. The four seats in the Tesla are ventilated and invisible vents are scattered throughout the interior. There is also a new approach to the steering wheel, which provides better steering feel. Finally, there is also a rotatable touchscreen in the car, which allows you to play games and watch movies, among other things.

About the designer

This LEGO® moc was designed by Johan. He enjoys making mocs; mainly specific cars. Thus, the sleek shape of the Tesla (Model S in this case) also appealed to him. A year ago, he created this Tesla from LEGO® using pictures of the original car. Johan had an internship at ToyPro and was given the challenge to redesign his original moc through Studio, an online LEGO® designer platform. Many improvements were made to the construction of the LEGO® model to make the MOC even more realistic and finished. We thank Johan for sharing this cool Tesla Model.

The instructions

If you now like to build this LEGO® moc yourself as well, you have here the link for the instructions. If you don't have all the loose parts, you can find and order them here. Of course, you can also order other loose parts for your own MOCs from

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