LEGO Ideas

May 25, 2023

LEGO Ideas


Have you ever had a great idea for your own LEGO® set? Then it's high time to share this idea on LEGO® Ideas. Where your idea can eventually become a real LEGO® set. At least if it gets enough votes from other LEGO® fans.

LEGO® Ideas is a unique platform where fans of LEGO® can submit their own designs for possible production as official LEGO® sets. Launched in 2008, LEGO® Ideas has become a popular way for LEGO® fans to express their creativity and share their love of the toy with others.

How it works

The concept of LEGO® Ideas is simple: fans can submit their own designs for LEGO® sets, which are then reviewed by the LEGO® Group for possible production. If a design receives 10,000 votes of support from the community, it advances to a final review phase by a LEGO® team. If the design is chosen for production, the creator receives a royalty on the sale of the set.


One of the things that makes LEGO® Ideas unique is that the platform is open to anyone, regardless of age or experience with LEGO® . This means that anyone can submit a design, from amateur builders to professional designers. The only requirement is that the design must be original and not previously produced as an official LEGO® set.

Over the years, LEGO® Ideas has produced a wide range of sets, including fan-designed versions of popular franchises such as Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Doctor Who. Other sets are based on original designs, such as the LEGO® Ideas International Space Station and the LEGO® Ideas Treehouse.

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All in all, LEGO® Ideas is a wonderful platform for anyone who loves LEGO® and wants to share their creativity with others. Whether you are a seasoned LEGO builder or a newcomer to the hobby, LEGO® Ideas offers a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and possibly see your designs come to life as official LEGO® sets.

Vote on this idea

A creative contributor from ToyPro also posted his idea on LEGO® Ideas. And if you're a fan of flowers or classic LEGO® parts. Then this idea for a building set is really for you. We would be delighted if you would vote for this idea so that it can reach the total of 10,000 votes needed. Voting for this "Big Classic LEGO Flowers" can be done here.


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