LEGO® 11026 White Baseplate 32 x 32


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Ages: 4 - 99
  • Total parts: 1
  • Launch Date: 01-03-2022
  • Weight: 110 gram
  • Dimensions: 30,80cm x 26,00cm x 0,30cm
  • EAN code: 57020171852173
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Description LEGO® White Baseplate 32 x 32

The LEGO® Classic White Baseplate (11026) the ideal basis for endless creative fun. This snow-white base plate measures 32 x 32 studs; that's about 25 cm x 25 cm (9.5 in. square) space to build your LEGO landscape, play with it and place your models on it. The sturdy base plate provides enough grip to hold LEGO® bricks at any angle, even upside down! And after building, the sturdy grip allows you to safely carry and display your creations.

Specially for those with a big imagination

LEGO® Classic sets provide endless playtime. Grow your imagination and problem-solving skills by imagining, creating and building. The building board offers endless building possibilities. With a white building board, your creations will stand out in a winter landscape. Or choose a green baseplate to add lots of plants, flowers or a forest to your LEGO landscape. Or maybe you prefer a blue baseplate for a boat at sea?

  • The 32 x 32-stud LEGO baseplate provides a blank slate for all kinds of LEGO creations and a foundation for all your creative play
  • With 1024 aligned studs, the building board is the ideal base for any builder, with a sturdy and durable grip for all LEGO® building blocks
  • The building board offers an endless world of creative possibilities. You can choose a green background, a white one or a blue one. Need more space? Then choose the light gray 42 x 42 baseplate
  • The LEGO® Classic White building board is a super fun gift for any occasion, from birthday, to holidays or any other occasion. For all LEGO fans aged 4 years and older
  • LEGO, developed for creative playtime fun. So also this building board of about 25 x 25 cm. Enough space for your building project!
  • LEGO® 11026 is the new number for the old LEGO® Classic White Building Board (11010)
  • This and other building boards can also be found in the category LEGO® part ground plate.

Construction manual 11026

View the building instructions for this LEGO® set.

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Parts from LEGO® 11026 White Baseplate 32 x 32
LEGO® 6295194 Baseplate 32 x 32
LEGO Baseplate 32 x 32
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